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By and large, the Malaysia people are warm and hospitable. The culture in Malaysia is varied and unique.

Malaysian Hospitality” may be the slogan of Malaysian Airlines MAS), the 5-star national carrier. However, those 2 words are far reaching and really go beyond sloganeering. All the brilliant marketers at MAS had to do, was picking a well known Malaysian trait and translate it into a marketing winner!

What is culturally correct in my country may be different from yours. As such, let me show you what the Romans do when they visit Malaysia…

Dos and Don’ts

Tip #1

Remove your shoes when entering homes and places of worship. Observe the dress code of worship places. Certain mosques provide robes and scarves for females (image on right is taken at Masjid Kapitan Keling in Georgetown, Penang).

Tip #2

You might choose to eat with your hand to experience the local eating tradition. If you must , use your right hand. It is also considered polite to receive using your right hand

Tip #3

Islam is Malaysia’s official religion. Over half of Malaysians are Muslims. Alcohol and pork are prohibited under Islamic teachings. Consuming these in their presence is considered disrespectful, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. During Ramadan, Muslims fast for one month before celebrating Hari Raya (Malay religious festival).

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2 thoughts on “Culture in Malaysia

  • Sandra smith

    We re travelling to kuala lumpur during Ramadan month 2013. Is there any restrictions for eating in public places during the day ..

    • MTG Post author

      Hi Sandra,
      Yes. Its advisable to eat at closed/indoor places. No restriction, but its more to respect the Ramadhan month in Malaysia. tq.